A natural beginning


“All right, leave the potatoes, but you must eat the meat”

– How many people have heard this from their loving parents or a kindergarten teacher in their childhood? A good few millions, you could assume in this country of pork chop lovers. Thus, quite a few little Poles must have slogged away at that poor meat until the desperate grandma gave up or perfected their engineering skills digging a tunnel in the white cabbage salad to hide rissole pieces there. In Poland, a country where the economy of shortages has left its mark on several generations, meat on the plate is a symbol close to a national treasure. You must eat meat to be strong and healthy. What else could you do? What would you eat? Bare potatoes and salad? Lettuce? Are you a rabbit or something? You’ll get anemia. Come on, eat this – chicken is not meat.

Sounds familiar?

Many people are truly convinced that meat is the necessary ingredient and the human body needs animal protein. Is it really true? People in fairly prosperous countries like Poland undoubtedly eat a lot of meat. Doctors and dietitians increasingly often say that it’s too much. Some even claim that eating meat too often is harmful and a diet rich in vegetables and other meat-free products is healthier.

Benefits of vegetarian diet

Who is right? Grandmas frightening you with anemia or doctors frightening you with a heart attack? It’s probably best to listen to your own intuition. Can you replace meat in your busy everyday life? If so, what with? Where do you find time and ideas? And finally, some might say, meat is sometimes tasty. They don’t want to deprive themselves of the pleasure of eating. How to combine all this?

Barbara and Wojtek BeVege

Barbara and Wojtek were in similar dilemmas. She is some 35-40 years old, wears glasses,and is a bit of a know-all, but nice on the whole. He is a bit younger and black-haired and wears glasses, too. They both took care about their health. They both liked sport. She went to a fitness club and he went running. They shared a special bond: the love for good food. They differed in their views on what good food was. She was a vegetarian and he liked meat. She liked chickpea pâté and he did not mind meat pastes. They met every day. They cared a great deal about it. They were looking for a compromise – the golden mean. They wanted it to be both tasty and nutritious. She believed that meat-free diet was healthier, but he still liked the taste of meat. Could they hope for a happy ending? For a meat-free rissole? Who were they and what did they do? She was a dietitian and he was a cook. They worked in a big food manufacturing company, so they had professional experience and base to use. They infected their bosses and colleagues with their idée fixe because they wanted a result available to everyone, not just their private happy ending. Thus, a team of a dozen people worked on recipes for several months.

The rule was as follows: natural ingredients and no artificial flavor enhancers. Soy was out because it might be a GMO and not everyone liked it. Monosodium glutamate, phosphates and dyes were also excluded. Those were the starting conditions. The result of the team’s long discussions, disputes and arguments, testing of many ingredients and tasting various dishes prepared in several variants is BeVege – a range of meat-free dishes and products with a well-defined taste. The base for BeVege is pea protein and egg white. This is something new: nobody in Poland had thought about it before. Other ingredients are vegetables, pips, seeds, seasonings and herbs. Only vegetable fats are used. BeVege is a selection of products which you can use to prepare breakfast, lunch, supper and snacks. It is sufficient for the entire day and more – enough to make BeVege a unique brand on the Polish market owing to its ingredients, taste and diversity. This is also highlighted by modern, bright-colored packaging, which emphasizes all the distinctive features of BeVege.

Few people are born vegetarians.
Most people become vegetarians. It is a change which requires a certain effort. You must ponder over what to eat and how. You must plan your resignation from meat to make your body treat it as a gift, not a deficiency. The more long-lasting this gift is, the more precious it will be. BeVege is a brand created to make this change easier because it is a change itself: a change for the better on the market.

We work for you!



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A short history

  • September 2017 Vegan novelties

    We introduce two entirely new, 100% vegan products on the market: Vegetable Vege and Mushroom Vege.
  • March 2017 Vegan Pâté

    We change the recipe of our seed pâté to vegan and introduce it on the market with a special “For Vegans” marking on the packaging.
  • January 2017 We go vegan

    We begin intense works on 100% vegan products.
  • August 2016 Ready, steady, sell!

    Our products are introduced on the market. We receive the first positive opinions from customers. They make us highly motivated to keep up the work!
  • January 2016 We take action

    Heads full of ideas, with thorough market research behind us, we take action. We create, test, reject and improve... and do it all anew to achieve perfect combinations.
  • October 2015 The idea

    In the beginning was the idea created by necessity for tasty meat-free products, better than those already on the market.