Important reasons for becoming a vegan

  1. Saving the animals. Contemporary slaughterhouses are enormous factories killing thousands of animals per minute. Approximately 470 millions of animals are killed for meat every year in Poland alone, which means over one million a day! Due to the automatic killing process, many animals aren’t appropriately stunned or knocked out and meet their fate utterly conscious.
  2. Human health.A meat-based diet contributes to many dangerous conditions such as cardiac and circulatory system diseases as well as cancer. This happens because meat contains harmful cholesterol, dioxins, prions, cancer cells, viruses, pesticides and antibiotics. Plant-based diet is free from those threats. Vegetarianism promotes health, slim figure and longer life.
  3. Environmental protection.Meat production contributes to environmental pollution (air, water and soil). Large-scale breeding is the biggest emitter of greenhouse gases. All over the world, large stretches of forest are cut down to make room for pastures for cattle and fields for growing animal feed. In Great Britain, as much as 95% of areas obtained by cutting down forests are used to make pastures. The situation is similar in South American countries.
  4. Worldwide hunger.The amount of plant-based food produced in the contemporary world could feed 17 billions of people! Still, an enormous part of those crops is used to feed farm animals, while millions of people in the world suffer from hunger. Hunger, undernourishment and related diseases kill 30 thousand children every day!