21 November 2017

Plant-based diet in sport

Oktawia Nowacka
An appropriately balanced plant-based diet in sport may bring about many benefits to the body as well as sports achievements. An excellent example of this is […]
18 November 2017

Important reasons for becoming a vegan

Saving the animals. Contemporary slaughterhouses are enormous factories killing thousands of animals per minute. Approximately 470 millions of animals are killed for meat every year in […]
18 November 2017

Famous vegetarians

There are many vegetarians among the film and music stars we know and like. This group also includes numerous sportspeople, scientists, writers, politicians and thinkers.
18 November 2017

Vegetarianism and its varieties

Veganism – a diet based only on products of plant origin: grains, fruit, vegetables and nuts. Veganism completely excludes products of animal origin from everyday life. […]